About Us

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I-Earn Life is a health and lifestyle brand that represents the importance of being and staying healthy in mind, body and spirit to earn more life. We encourage the use that positive energy to unite all that is good in this world and to give back to our communities.


Our purpose is to influence and remind our client and customer base to be healthy and stay healthy long term. We want to teach through our valiant message that life and health have to be responsibly maintained. We use our brand as an educational tool to keep fitness free of steroid and supplement abuse. The quality of our clothes are made of the highest quality fabrics that are durable in all activity levels; designed for men, women and kids.


Cris Kelley created I-Earn Life to inspire others with his story and use the brand as encouragement for the love of life. I-Earn Life represents a life that came from hardship and struggle. Through the struggle, that life turned Cris's energy into strength, commitment and determination that manifested his vision. With all odds against him, he made it through school and college and excelled in fitness and sports. His love for strength training and sports inspired him to maintain a healthy and positive attitude that has lead him to where he is today. Before starting a clothing line to represent the brand, he gave and still gives back to communities in need. The message of earning life is something he needs to continually share with people all over the world.